Dhol Ki Pol (Truth behind FIR on Asaramji Bapu )

Special Coverage By A2Z news channel investigating the truth behind FIR against Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu

A Big drama by Raju Chandak, alias Raju Lambu by filing an FIR against Asaram Bapu and two of his sadaks. This guy Ramu Lambu said that he was hit by three bullets on his way to home, but how come that nothing happened to him.

In the morning he gave the news that he was in critical ward in ICU, but in the evening he says that no bullets have been struck. What a big joke of the year? Shame on this fellow Raju Lambu for his foolish acts. He has bribed the police, the doctors and the media and getting news in favor of him.

Raju Lambu who earlier stayed in ashram for some years, left the ashram due to his bad behavior. He always had an eye on the ashram trusts and he want to get hold of the ashram property. This bad intent has made him expel from ashram of Bapuji. He along with his corrupted gang of Mahendra Chawla and Amrit Vaidya were also with him and they were expelled because all of them tried to cheat the ashram.

Want to Know who are involved in conspiracy ???

There are Five Masterminds of Conspiracy against Sant Shri Asaram ji Bapu

Watch the following video to know who are those culprits :

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One Response to “Dhol Ki Pol (Truth behind FIR on Asaramji Bapu )”

  1. suryakant Says:

    mere Bapuji ke upper esa tichha aparadh lagane wale ko bhagawan kabhi maph karega. mere bapu ji to param pita parambharam parmeshwer hai. unke darshan se to aadmi ka jeewan tar jata hai.

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