Answer In Yes Or No ! {Enlightening Jokes}

Shri Sureshanandji Ki Amritvani

Enlightening Joke – Answer In Yes Or No !

Mujhe Ek aadmi ne kaha ki mai aap se ek baat puchun aap uska javab kevel

haan ya naa me dena ….aap to pravachan kerte ho aap vyakhya to bahut

badia ker doge , per mere ko kevel haan ki na me javab do …


2 Responses to “Answer In Yes Or No ! {Enlightening Jokes}”

  1. kamal hirani,dubai Says:

    sadho sadho…………..

    great video…….

  2. Kermit Budden Says:

    Have you ever thought of adding additional videos to your webpage to keep the readers more engaged? I just read through the whole post and it was very nice but since I learn visually, I find videos to be very helpful. I am pleased with what you guys are always up too. Keep up the nice work. I will revisit your blog on the regular for some of the latest post.

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