Divya Prerna Prakash

Sant Shri Asaramji Amritvani

In today’s modern world, our mind is in a constant flux. Many thoughts keep crowding our mind and we find ourselves moving in divergent directions. It seems we are being pulled from all sides, and thus causing constant turmoil and anxiety. The entire society has fallen in the trap of sex, lust and desire. One does not have the peace of a still mind and solitude. The five main obstacles to happiness are desire, anger, greed, attachment and pride. They can be conquered by practice of brahmcharya. Brahmcharya means celibacy i.e. to give up that food, action that kindles desire. Brahmcharya gives us mental and physical strength, and hence, helps in achieving all our goals (materialistic or eternal) and in turn illuminates our life.

Therefore, with the benison of Pujya Asaramji Bapu, Sadhaks throughout India are putting their heart and soul into YUVADHAN SURAKSHA ABHIYAN so as to spread this message to as many young people as possible. We too can join by reading the following books five times and also by taking a pledge to distribute at least 25 copies of these books to the youth around us.

1) Yuvadhanan Surakha (The Secret of Eternal Youth in English)

2) Yovan Surakha

3) Yog Yatra-4

We can distribute these books in schools, colleges and inspire the youths to read these books and join this mission.


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    This read was certainly useful, the content was certainly awesome! Keep up the great work.

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